Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glog happy :) Enzyme Lab

So if you have been looking at this blog lately, you will notice my crazy new addiction to Glogs...well guess what! Merry Christmas! I got two brand spanking new Glogs about PKU and our Enzyme Lab that we did about three weeks ago. Oh yeah! Get excited :)
Let's start with the Enzyme lab. So we started out with a solution of 3 ml of H20 and 3 ml of H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide). We then added an enzyme, which in this case was yeast. This starts a chemical reaction that produces O2. Now how does that magical process happen? I wondered that too. And I found out! The way it works is the enzyme(yeast) breaks the oxygen molecules of the H20 and H202 and then they are released. Using the mac and a cool little gadget we used to measure the pressure we found our results. Looking at the Glog which includes some very nice graphs (Thank you much Kiel and Michael) and information on those graphs you will find our results :)


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